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Fanatics waiting for the arrival of the BMW’s new Z4 GT3 Race Car will be pleased to know that scorcher has been detailed. The race car that was officially tested in March and has already been delivered to private BMW teams features a 4.0-liter V8 engine that can produce 473bhp. The engine is assisted by an ECU408 management system and the unit is together mated to a six-speed sequential transmission with Quickshift function.

2010 BMW Z4 GT3 6

The GT3 racing competitor has been aggressively designed and the heavy carbon fiber usage keeps the curb weight down to 1,200 kilogram. Other regularities include a racing anti-lock braking system, a roll cage, a fresh looking front axle and special rims with central locking and safety clips. For the curious ones eager to know it’s pricing, the all new BMW Z4 GT3 gets tagged for $402,488.

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