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This is up Lite concept from VW. It is Lite on fuel. Using only the faintest whisker of fumes of fuel to go on to a consumption figure of just over 2 liters per 100km.

How? Well the name kinda gives it away. Weighing in at only 695kg it really is Lite. It weighs as much as a stack of feathers because of the extensive use of Aluminium, Carbon fibre and lightweight batteries

Batteries meaning hybrid and when the tiny 800cc engine isn’t working it can run on a very light, no doubt very expensive set of batteries.

Will they build it?

Yes and no – yes, they’ll build something like it, but not containing the extensive use of carbonfibre, and heavier batteries. So while the concept is awesome it will probably be too expensive too build in the exact shape and form as we see here.

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