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Suzuki R3 Concept MPV 1

Few years back, no one talked about the Auto Expo New Delhi, but since India is the next big market to automakers, this year’s event has gained a lot of importance. For India MPV is still a rarity and the first of its kind to make its debut as a concept was the Suzuki R3 which was designed in a modest time of nine months. The R3 comes with six individual seats and those seats can be folded away to increase the cargo space. There are no sliding doors to be found and the rearward opening doors making things easier for the passengers. The exterior is boxy and it has a bulky rear portion. At the fascia is a combination of high-intensity lighting with LED accents and the LEDs can also be found at the back. The engine choice is still a mystery but that will gain importance only if Suzuki is keen to take this MPV to the production facility. The prototype has an engine that is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

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